July 2015 Newsletter

July 2015 Newsletter



Denbigh on The Go!

Denbigh has developed two different interface systems that are designed around making it much easier for teachers to access Denbigh data, “Denbigh Teacher Menu” and “Denbigh Focus” both available via:

•     Web Browser 

•     FileMaker Go app on iPads & iPhones

•     FileMaker Pro on the Desktop

Because each interface is an extension to the current system, it respects all user permissions and makes use of existing functionality in a seamless process. 

When marking the roll the system switches to the Web Attendance file, and when entering reports data the system switches to the Reports file - once your work in that area is complete, the system returns to the Denbigh Focus or Denbigh Teacher menu, depending on where you started.

The new interfaces also hook into some of our other new modules, like the revamped Parent Teacher Interviews (which now provides a Teacher Notes section for use during an interview).   One of the nice features, if you’re using a Mac, an iPhone or an iPad, is the ability to use the system-wide Dictation to enter notes without having to reach for the keyboard - it’s a lot quicker than trying to peck out a demerit reason on an iPhone or iPad! And imagine how nice it would be to tap a phone number for a parent and have your iPhone initiate the call!

Our updated interfaces cover the Student, Family, Staff and Community screens, enabling you to view your class and course lists, daily timetables, reminders and more - the Daily Bulletin and Markbook get included too. 

We’ve added colour highlighting to the more important pieces of information in each screen, which will let you quickly register critical details like the medical alerts for a student, and we’ve kept the familiar searching facility that you already use with our existing Denbigh screens.

The simpler Denbigh Teacher interface can be installed easily into existing Denbigh Admin systems, usually taking approximately 8 hours of work. The more comprehensive Denbigh Focus interface takes longer to retrofit and the effort required depends on the version of Denbigh Admin you already use. Be aware that both interfaces require FileMaker v13 for implementation.

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  • Date Published: 27/07/2015